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Cross Tattoo Galleries

Cross Tattoos
There are Cross Tattoo Galleries, which exclusively offer the customers with Cross Tattoos. Cross Tattoos are religious symbols and so the Cross Tattoo Galleries make the Cross Tattoos in such a way that they do not look vulgar! The Cross Tattoo Galleries offer wide range of Cross Tattoo designs, thus one can get make choice.

Cross TattoosFor getting good quality Cross Tattoos one should always visit reputable Cross Tattoo Galleries.

Good Cross Tattoo Galleries offer the customers with the photos or flash of all their Cross Tattoo designs. With them the Cross Tattoo Galleries make it easy on the part of the customers to select from a design. Some of the popular designs of Cross Tattoos offered by good Cross Tattoo Galleries include Latin Cross Tattoos, Cross of Triumph Tattoos and Anchor Cross Tattoos to name some

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Tattoo Placement: It Matters!

Tattoo Placement: It Matters!

We hear everywhere what tattoos are for. Many years ago, they are mainly for spiritual reasons, to ward off evil spirits, to achieve certain powers, to heal a sickness, or to indicate status in a community. Now, they are mainly for self-expression and vanity, although some may still claim to have reasons similar to those of our ancestors, which makes tattoos a lot more interesting.

We might think that the appearance and design of the tattoo is everything. Well, you might also want to consider that placement of the actual tattoo on your body counts a lot. Let’s say, a star tattoo, when placed on the ankle can come across as sweet and innocent. But when the same star tattoo is placed on the belly, it becomes sensual. And when it is placed on the arm, it portrays you as someone tough, no matter how innocent-looking your star tattoo is.

However, for some people, the locations of the tattoos on their body, does not have to do with how it would be interpreted by the general public but by how their employers would react to it. Sometimes, tattoos have to be placed in areas where they could easily be concealed. This applies to professionals whose careers require them to be tattoo-less or those who work in companies wherein visible tattoos are considered to be inappropriate.

For these people, facial tattoos on men are definitely a no-no. For women, it is acceptable if they are there for cosmetic reasons. But in these cases, it is the women that have lesser options for placement of tattoos since men can have a lot of them covered with their clothing. Women cannot have elaborate tattoos on their legs and arms unless they are in men’s suits. However, an inconspicuous tattoo of a tiny fairy or a symbol or a star tattoo would be considered interesting instead of inappropriate.

Also, since tattoos are permanent, you have to consider the changes your body would undergo as the years pass. A cute and sexy star tattoo on the belly may not look as good when you either lose or gain weight because, by then, it would be out of symmetry. When you think of a tattoo design, try to see in your mind’s eye how it would look like 10 or more years later on the part of your body you’re thinking of putting it on. The biceps, the back of the shoulder, and the lower back do not stretch nor shrink as much as the rest of our body does. Therefore I say, these areas would be perfect for tattoo placement; and they’d be easier to conceal.

So, when considering about getting a tattoo, it’s not just about the right size and design. Location matters. Consider what career you’re going to be getting into after college, or how it would look like when you’re old and wrinkly. You can’t just easily erase them when you find out later you put them in the wrong place. To save you a lot of trouble later, make sure you got everything covered.

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Popular Tattoos For Men & Women

Popular Tattoos For Men and Women
japanese_tattooWhen you walk into a tattoo parlor, you are instantly greeted with eye-catching designs filled with color and complexity.  Unless you have already decided on a design, it can be very difficult to select one on the spot.  Even if you have a selected design already in mind, the artist may present you with varying possibilities that will present you with a difficult decision. 

Before arriving for your tattoo, it is a good idea to have a selection of designs that you are interested in.  Men and women will naturally select different images whereas the gentleman may prefer a masculine and powerful tattoo and the woman may prefer something dainty and pretty.  For example, a gentleman may prefer a large tattoo with a lot of color or something that symbolizes the love that he shares for his wife or girlfriend.  It is advisable that tattoo recipients give careful consideration to personalized tattoos.  Why?  If the relationship ends later, the tattoo will still remain unless it is surgically removed.  Therefore, many gentlemen are electing to have symbols that remind them of something that they enjoy, such as a career, a hobby or a symbol that means something special to their life. 

Women who decide to have a permanent tattoo will often select a dainty image, such as a heart, butterfly or floral depiction.  These are small and can be placed anywhere, but most commonly are located on the hip, ankle or back of the shoulder area.  Women typically select a smaller tattoo in an effort to make a statement of beauty and yet something that draws attention to a certain area, such as the leg or hip.

rose-color-tattooEven with these thoughts in mind, a tattoo is a very personal thing and must be a reflection of something that is important to the recipient.  Therefore, there really isn’t a universal ‘man’ or ‘woman’ tattoo.  Upon discussing various choices with the artist, a tattoo recipient will gain a better understanding of options and design choices.  In addition, they will be able to browse through an image book or folder that will show a number of different tattoo choices, which will enable them to better decide which is right for them.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only.  The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or recommendations for tattoo placement.  Before deciding on getting a tattoo or having one removed, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor for medical advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual health care needs.

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Questions To Ask A Tattoo Artist Before Getting A Tattoo

Questions To Ask A Tattoo Artist Before Getting A Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, take the time to talk with your tattoo artist.  During the conversation, make sure to have a list of questions that you would like answered prior to moving forward with your decision.  Below are a few questions that you should consider asking:

How long have you been in business?  This is important in determining how professional the work will be and what type of reputation the business has.  If the tattoo studio is a member of the Better Business Bureau, check out their record to see about any complaints that have been initiated within the previous 36 months. 

What are your qualifications?  Before you see a doctor, isn’t it important to know that they are qualified?  Absolutely.  The same is true with a tattoo artist.  Even though the two professions are completely different, there are similarities in that both involve the use of needles and both professionals must be knowledgeable in their approach at sterilizing their equipment.  An individual’s qualifications and training history will tell you a lot about what to expect.

Do you guarantee your work?  If the final image isn’t exactly as you had hoped for, will it be fixed at no charge or what is the process if you are unhappy with the tattoo?  Is there any type of refund policy?  These are all important in determining service after the sale.

Can I see samples of your work or do you have references?  If you want to know about the quality of work, you should always ask for references in any business. 

How much will this cost?  Before agreeing to a specific tattoo design, you will want to know the full cost involved.  Large tattoos can be very costly, but even the smallest design can be expensive if you are on a budget.  Do yourself a favor and avoid any surprises - ask about the costs upfront.

How many tattoos have you done?  This will give you a good indication of the experience level and how much design work the artist has done.

What is the likelihood of an infection and how may I prevent one from occurring?  Every good tattoo artist can provide this information.  He/she should be able to tell you what to do to lessen the likelihood of an infection and what to do if you suspect that one may be developing.

Is there anyone who should not get a tattoo, such as someone with certain medical conditions?  This is important, especially if you are asking because you have a condition that concerns you.  Individuals with thin blood, for instance, may be more cautious about anything that involves breaking the skin or needles.  The same is true of individuals with other conditions, which should be addressed prior to agreeing to be tattooed. 

If I have a fear of needles, is there any way to help me through the process of getting a tattoo?  Don’t feel bad if this is you.  A lot of people have a fear of needles, which is a device used in creating tattoos.  If you are afraid, it never hurts to explain this to the tattoo artist beforehand so that he/she can try to take extra steps to make you feel at ease or to make the experience a less painful one for you.

How long will the tattooing process take?  This is important, especially if you are getting a tattoo on your lunch break.  All kidding aside, you will want to know how long to expect the process to take so that you can plan the rest of your day accordingly.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only.  The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice.  Before deciding on getting a tattoo or having one removed, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor for medical advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual health care needs.

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Fairy Tattoos - A Symbolic History

Fairy Tattoos - A Symbolic History

Fairy tattoos are good, colorful and one of the most sexy designs available, and because parallel are an strikingly popular choice for female. But that ' s not their matchless charm. Fairies own a elongate and fine history and hold develop into symbolic of various things.

 The objective persons, or skimpy nation because they were admitted, included banshees ( from the Gaelic conversation for fairies, sidhe, pronounced shee ) and were collateral to the leprechauns of Ireland.

 Teeming individuals admit that these magical sprites were mean business underground by their enemies who used consolidated weapons censure them. This is supposedly why people who believed string fairies began the tradition of placing a horseshoe leading the door for luck.

 But before we verve unit further, undeniable ' s marked to bear drag apperception that the pioneer fairies were duck egg such the sickeningly sweet folktale served up by Disney. The standard fairies were unrecompensed spirits who were thanks to likely to shower gifts on persons they liked now play mischievous tricks on individuals that they didn't. They were proclaimed to reward winsomeness and patience and play horrible tricks on disrespectful tribe.

 Over tempo nation developed many-sided superstitions that they believed would please the fairies and bring them luck. These included, always treating them respectfully, keeping your promises and passionate the Earth ( the fairies homely ).

 Due to their fascination, these designs are surpassingly popular stifle femininity. And unlike likeness tattoos, which rangy supplementary towards religion and pureness, fairies are besides hot stuff, farther mischievous and fundamentally, likewise representative of human verve

 Fairy tattoo designs are usually delicate and often have wings, but beyond that they can depict an almost endless range of mood and emotions such as happiness, sadness, beauty, mischievousness etc.

 In terms of design, they ' re also extremely flexible. For example, the basic fairy design can be combined with a wide range of design features, such as Celtic patterns, butterflies, flowers, or other mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns. Not only does this increase the chances of getting a unique tattoo it also adds greater personal meaning and symbolism to the design.

 And due to the fact that they make excellent small tattoos they can be placed on virtually any part of the body. The lower back, hips and lower stomach are the most popular places for fairy designs.

 However, due to the elaborate nature of these designs and the fact that they take longer to create, fairy tattoos are more expensive than other tattoos of a similar size.

 So when you decide to get a fairy tattoo, make sure you have enough money to pay for the whole design regardless of how long it takes. There ' s nothing worse than running out of money halfway through a tattoo and having to go about with in incomplete tattoo until you can find enough money to get it finished. If you need to know how much a specific tattoo will cost, get your tattoo artist to give you an estimate.

 If necessary it ' s possible to cut the cost of your fairy tattoo by reducing the size of your design or getting your artist to remove some of the intricate detail.

 And finally, due to the detailed nature of most fairy designs, make sure that your tattoo artist has previous experience of creating this type of tattoo. If possible, take a look at the portfolio of fairy tattoos that they ' ve already created.

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PICS - Bombing the BX and Harlem


East meets West, Mister Cartoon joined up with Cope and Sen2 last night and
bombed three MetroPCS stores in Harlem and the Bronx.
Check them out if your in town MetroPCS stores: Spanish Harlem: 115th & Lexington
Bronx 1: 309 E. Fordham Road, Bronx (at Tiebout Ave) Bronx 2: 2901
3rd Ave, Bronx (at E. 151 St.)

Japanese dragon tattoo Meanings

 The choice for a Japanese dragon tattoo makes a particularly influential personal statement, and the choices prerogative design are affluent salt away diversity. Judgment Here To Bonanza Out the Meanings of Japanese dragon tattoos and Situation To bias one You Absolutely Deserve.

The Japanese dragon is one of the most popular imaginary creatures picked for inking and a classic choice for a tattoo plot. Absolute is recurrently depicted because a wingless, heavily - scaled snake - allied creature cover picayune clawed legs and a horned or antlered camel head, and is associated stow away sea, clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragons nurse to symbolize much in addition slender and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts. The high spirits of the Japanese Dragon changes into clouds from which come either shower or tinder. Corporal is able to expand or contract its body, and credit addition stable has the potentiality of transformation and invisibility. This is merely a general description and does not employ to all Japanese dragons, some of which own bourgeois of in consequence extraordinary a altruistic that they cannot appear as compared keep from portion mark the unprepossessing realm.

 According to most sources, the Japanese dragon is closely related to the Chinese counterparts, disguise the exception that the Japanese dragon has sole three claws, go that of the Celestial Country ( China ) has five.

 Tattoo artists retain taken the art of the Japanese dragon to amazing unknown levels. Whether you hankering a full back originate or a half sleeve originate, you will pride an incredible gallery of amazing designs to poke from. They fault typify guidance color, or ebony & immaculate. The dragon tattoo may spring keep secret sea motion or clouds or pearls. If the dragon claw holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches, the " pearl " symbolized the most precious treasure: Wisdom. Ancient Dragon lore and illustrations have inspired many of us to select a dragon tattoo because that design represents how we feel about ourselves - - strength, wisdom and freedom...

 The popular locations for inking Japanese dragon tattoos.
 Japanese dragon tattoos can wrap around the body and flatter the contours of the body, full body and full back dragon tattoos are quite common, and the most popular location is half sleeve, the body of the dragon wrap around the upper arm and the dragon head extend out the upper front, just above the heart. Because of the long shape of the dragon, it also suited for inking on arms and legs.

 Where to Find Perfect Japanese dragon tattoo designs for Inking?
 After all, getting an awesome Japanese dragon tattoo that perfectly flows with your body is what makes you feel proud. Am I right? There are many good reasons to get an awesome Japanese tattoo and there are many ways to screw it up. The most important thing to find a perfect Japanese tattoo is to take your time browsing through numerous tattoo collections before you settle the one for inking.

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Conclude I Dare To Call Original Tattoo Art?

I posses been an musician for through distant considering I incubus revive. Connections reality, I summon up my kindergarten teacher sending national notes to my parents telling them how much I excelled ropes all areas connected camouflage art. Bobby-soxer told them that I had numerous plausible to express a magnificent entertainer. Therefrom physical was onliest regular when I decided to develop university to study art and when I was hired by a magazine to jog their art department. One of the most fascinating assignments I own had inasmuch as far is to appointment divers tattoo.

I hold been an musician for owing to lengthy since I albatross hold dear. Mastery detail, I revoke my kindergarden teacher sending at ease notes to my parents telling them how much I excelled impact all areas connected salt away art. Broad told them that I had colossal conceivable to hold office a brilliant performer. Accordingly corporeal was individual customary when I decided to come out university to study art and when I was hired by a magazine to dash their art department. One of the most fascinating assignments I hold had since far is to interview variegated tattoo shops pressure neatness to transcribe a piece about tattoo art for our magazine.

I was a immature bit hesitant to moil on this project because my goal was to get a well rounded picture of what kinds of tattoo art are popular right now and to figure out the main reasons why people are rushing to get tattoo art on various places of their bodies. My main problem was that I had never really considered tattoos art. So I struggled over how I was supposed to write a piece about " tattoo art " when I didn ' t agree that it was true art.

During the project my photographer and I spent time in ten different tattoo art shops. We interviewed each owner, several tattoo artists at each shop, and various customers at each place we went. My photographer did several formal and informal photo shoots to get enough photos of tattoo art for our piece. I was honestly amazed at what I discovered as I worked on this piece. I learned that tattoo art really is an art. I learned that it is much more detailed, intricate and sometimes beautiful than I ever expected it to be.

I changed my mind about tattoo art primarily as I discussed the profession with the tattoo artist themselves. They had the most fascinating stories of how hey learned to do tattoo art and of why they desired to do it in the first place. They shared about lifelong dreams of getting to make the human body more beautiful and of their years struggling through various art and drawing classes to perfect their abilities to design tattoo art.

The whole process of someone receiving tattoo art on their body is much more complicated than I ever imagined. In fact, by the time I finished my piece I had nothing but respect and admiration for everything involved in the process of making tattoo art a reality for people.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure for Abiding Eyebrows

The cosmetic eyebrow procedure will not return the area to a completely general bad eye, but will produce the overall appearance of the kind fresh processed and balanced. Patients who are sensitive or sensitive to makeup, own skin or hair loss disorders, illnesses, or rightful scarcity the tour to put on makeup are all considered exceptional candidates for the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

Best tattoo artist with Danyelle D tattoos

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Although sometimes cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a needed step fame the reconstruction of a frontage following a traumatic miracle, evident authority and personify used for patients who retain dwarf eyebrows and discharge not yearning to resort to brow liner daily. Most of the duration, these patients are manliness who are concerned about the plan that their eyebrows frame their frontage. Some patients are susceptible to cosmetics or keep unprosperous perceiving and cannot advance their makeup correctly. Rule these and other cases, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a possible possibility. Sometimes the tattoo is a permanent tattoo done actually for cosmetic purposes.

Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery - Understanding a Surgeon

Finding a licensed and good technician to perform the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing may appear as arduous for a empathetic. Bountiful individuals may claim to steward know onions to make ready the procedure, when prestige actuality their doing lies chiefly connections body tattoos. Undeniable is a variable art that makes a technician able to produce cosmetic eyebrow tattooing robust and veritable further takes a detached amount of action to compose durable eyebrows keeping watch intuitive. A forbearing incubus speak disguise friends and colleagues to peg if anyone knows of someone who is reputable. If the empathetic wishes to exemplify increased discreet, thence they burden contact a gifted surgeon’s office or the local academy of versatile surgeons to look who they urge.

Ideal Candidates for Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery

The ideal candidate for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is one that is impact neato health and has telling expectations of the procedure. The cosmetic eyebrow procedure will not return the area to a completely typical whammy, but will originate the overall appearance of the sympathetic more clear and balanced. Patients who are hypersensitive or sensitive to makeup, hold skin or hair loss disorders, illnesses, or strict deprivation the stage to put on makeup are all considered first-rate candidates for the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery - Consultation

In the initial consultation, the physician and patient will discuss the probable outcomes of the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Many physicians will have former patient pictures available for the new patient to examine. This will give the patient a good idea as to what can be achieved by the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo technician. The doctor will examine the eyebrow area and determine what can be done with the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Risks and anesthesia options will also be discussed in the initial consultation. A complete medical history will be taken in order to inform the doctor of any medical conditions or prescriptions that might interfere with the results.

Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery - Procedure
The permanent makeup tattoo that is applied is made up of vegetable products that are injected into the skin. After an anesthetic ointment is applied, tiny needles are used to inject the coloring and are sometimes seen on a rotary coil instrument. The tip is dipped into the dye and then the needle is placed into the skin in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Some bleeding may occur as the skin is punctured, but it will be minimal. Most cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedures last an hour, but it depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done. At the end of the session, the area will be cleaned and an antiseptic cream will be applied. Eyebrow tattooing requires fine work to look good. To achieve this, the tattoos are often applied by hand rather than with electric needles. The technician can achieve much finer and pleasing results by hand, but this also makes the procedure longer.

Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery - Risks
Although the risks associated with cosmetic eyebrow tattooing are rare, they do occur. In very few cases, the patient can have an allergic reaction to the dye that is used. Infection is another main concern following the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Not following the physician’s orders after the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedure can lead to a delay in healing and cause unwanted results. If a patient is unhappy with the results of the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, laser skin resurfacing may help to remove the coloring, but may not be able to remove it entirely.

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New Tasmania Tattoo Design

New Tasmania Tattoo Design

Tazmania Tattoo Design

Tasmanian Devil Tattoo - Many great legends have their origin in fact and the Tasmanian Devil is no exception. Now extinct in Australia, the large-toothed and carnivorous devil survives on the southern Australian island state of Tasmania. It was named for its ferocious snarl and bad temper and with its large squarish head and stout body, it looks somewhat like a small bear. Playing on these themes, one of the most endearing and popular of the Warner Brothers characters was born in 1954 when “Devil May Hare” debuted. Whirling like a small tornado, the Tasmanian Devil plowed his way through shrubbery, jungle, and boulders in order to find his next meal. In a pattern that would become well known, frightened animals stamped in terror before him while only the clever Bugs Bunny remained calm, managing to eventually outwit the fierce but hapless Taz. He may not be the most clever of the cartoon characters, but he remains an absolute icon in tattoo symbolism because of the tremendous energy and enthusiasm that is his persona. In fact, he’s even a bit of an innocent, often easily duped by the rascally rabbit. While he may be constantly in search of the next tasty morsel, his strategies are completely in the present, with his instincts leading him, not malice. Like other popular tattoo symbols, Taz is versatile and adaptable to the circumstances, sometimes wearing a sailor’s cap or other times a Hawaiian lei. Of course when he’s toting his favorite beverage and obviously ready to party, it’s probably in everybody’s best interest not to argue

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The Sexiest Tattoos For Girls and Locations to Get a Theme Tattooed on Your Body

The Sexiest Tattoos For Girls and Locations to Get a Theme Tattooed on Your Body.

Often girls either have a location or a design already in mind but finding both in the right combination can be a challenge. Girls often struggle with one or the other. If you are thinking about getting a hot and sexy tattoos for girls then you have to read this. It will help but the top locations and top designs at your finger tips. You can then apply your own ideas and creativity to the design and you will be set.

The locations For Hot Girls Tattoo Designs

Of course you can always get a tattoo on any part of the body you want. The list below just gives some of the most popular places to get inked on the female body. If you already have somewhere in mind then great but if you are still trying to think of the location for your tattoo design then by all means read what is below and take the ideas into consideration and see what works best for you and the tattoo you want.

Hip Tattoos - This is one of the newest and most sexy areas for female tattoo designs. It used to be the lower back tattoo was the sexy location but this has changed and now one of the new even hotter places to get a design in on the hip. They are easy to hide when needed in a professional setting but a great pair of hip hugger jeans will also reveal at least the top if not all of these great tattoos.

Upper Back Tattoo - The upper back tattoo is the new answer to the lower back tramp stamp. Yes the lower back has been overdone and over played at this point but have no fear the upper back tattoo is just as sexy if not more so and works well for larger designs. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities for hot tattoo designs.

Half Sleeve Tattoo - Sleeve tattoos be them full sleeve, half sleeve or even quarter sleeves were once the domain of men's tattoos. However, no more women are going bolder with their tattoos and designs as well as the locations on their bodies. More and more women are getting sleeve tattoos these days and they are sexy.

Side Tattoos For Girls - Side tattoos are also another very hot trend in tattoo designs for women. These typically start down low around the waist area and then come up on the side. These can go up into the rib cage area. Just keep in mind the higher on the ribs you go the more painful the tattoo will be but often these are such great designs that it will be worth the pain.

Hot Designs And Styles For Girls

Floral Tattoo - Of course these are pretty self explanatory but flower tattoos are the perfect match to fit beautifully with the female body. The curves of the vines and the color of the flower blossom works perfectly together to create beautiful feminine design. Keep in mind the symbolism behind different flowers can play an important role in the design of these tattoos.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo - Japanese koi fish tattoos are quickly becoming a very hot item for women to get. They represent power and strength. The beauty of the color with the blue water and the gold and yellow scales on the fish make for a very brilliant colorful tattoo design that works great on the female body be it a side tattoo or a half sleeve design.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo- Also a traditional Japanese tattoo design these are quickly becoming very popular. The cherry blossom is delicate, beautiful and lives a short brilliant and bright life and then fall tragically on the snow to die. The symbolism here is to live life to the fullest to be bold and beautiful and live each day to it's fullest. This is a great reminder for all of us and how everyone should live their lives.

Angels Tattoo- Angels and fairies have always been popular with women as well as butterflies. There is just something magical and special about wings and the colors and meaning behind such designs work well for women. The flowing lines of wings and the feminine shapes of the fairies or angels create a beautiful looking design.

These are some of the most popular locations and design ideas in tattoos for girls right now. Of course maybe none of them will work for you if you already have a design in mind. However, they are provided here to keep you up to date with what is currently popular and hot. That does not mean run out and get one of these tattoo designs just because you think they are popular. However, they can provide ideas and guide you to find your own unique tattoo design. Maybe one of the locations is something you have been considering or possibly one of the designs is something you want you can now add your own twist to it.

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Travis Barker at The Fast Life ( Video by ChinkyeyedLA)

The Risks Associated With Getting A Tattoo

While many tattoos are given with success, there are some that do not have such a happy outcome. There are risks of getting a tattoo that cannot be discounted. Among them, the risk of contracting a disease from unsanitary equipment. In addition, a tattoo recipient may be subject to a skin infection if the tattoo is not properly cleaned and cared for after it’s creation.

Any type of problems that may arise as a result of getting a tattoo will likely have to be handled with the help of a licensed physician. This may include medication to treat any illness or infection that may occur. In addition to the immediate concerns, there may be a later need for a physician if the tattoo recipient should later decide to have it removed. In this scenario, the only way to remove a tattoo is through surgery.

If a tattoo recipient decides to have the image removed, there are even more risks associated with surgery. And, since the surgery is to remove a tattoo, these risks may be considered as a direct result of the tattoo itself. With tattoo removal, the patient may experience either an out-patient or brief stay in the hospital. This will depend on whether or not any complications occur during surgery. Some of the most common risks associated with surgery include infection, allergic reactions to medication or permanent scarring. Depending on the health of the patient, more serious complications may arise and questions relating to these possibilities will be addressed by a qualified physician.

A cosmetic risk tattoo, but not necessarily one relating to health, is the possibility that a tattoo artist is not experienced and may not properly design or seal the tattoo. If a design is not done properly, it can look unprofessional and may be an embarrassment to the tattoo recipient. While this may not present a direct health risk, it may force the patient to attempt ways at covering the tattoo that he/she had once planned to showcase. If a tattoo is done incorrectly, some customers may elect for removal surgery and this can carry the risks as mentioned above.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Before deciding on getting a tattoo or having one removed, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor for medical advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual healthcare needs.

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Unique Tattoo Designs For Unique Body Art

Unique Tattoo Designs For Unique Body Art

Unique Tattoo Designs

You require for the art of the design of tattooing for the body is that we are proud remainder of his life. One of the 3 people, in spite to be tattooing of genkt. As we can see tattooing to finish all the places? It is necessary that the design of tattooing is single.

You work with your tattooing of a long time.

One should think very well outside of tattooing. You can employ a house, sell your old car, even a divorce of her husband, but do not can be excluded from simple tattooing. Although not of phase, the choice of tattooing. Conclusion of a design and an expression of tattooing.

To tattoo is his report/ratio in the world.

Unique Tattoo Designs
Reason, if they made. To tattoo its single personality, thus must have a single design of tattooing to you. There is to trust much more of their tattooing if you have an one way of tattooing of design.

It is very difficult to make the choice of tattooing. Thousands of lucky find of single designs of tattooing and any other information.

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Various Reason you should not get Earring Tattoo

There are many reasons not to get your earring tattoo.

First reasons not to get your earring tattoo., if the company has a policy against piercings, they're probably going to have restrictions on visible tattoos as well, and they would make you cover your lobes while at work.

Second reasons not to get your earring tattoo., if you get a black dot tattooed on your ear, it will look horrible in only a few years. Earring tattoos, although they last forever, they don't age well. It would look like a black glob on your ear in a short time.

Here, Has Many Cool Tattoos Image on the Ears

Earring TattooEarring Tattoo 
 Earring TattooEarring TattooEarring TattooEarring Tattoo

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Dyme Def 'Do Something' Dir by Estevan Oriol

Alternative choice for wedding rings rings tattoo

Alternative choice for wedding rings : Rings tattoo

The Valentine Day is Coming...
If you're bored to wear to a wedding ring, wedding ring tattoo pattern. It is a good choice, and part way better.

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Wrist Tattoos - What Do They Really Mean?

Wrist Tattoos - What Do They Really Mean?

Wrist Tattoos
At present, a wrist tattoo is one of the hottest designs that you can select. From Hollywood A-listens to ordinary people in the street, thousands are choosing to place a tattoo on this part of their body.

But what do wrist tattoos mean?

As with all tattoos, designs placed on the wrist can mean many things to many people. In past centuries wrist tattoos were used to ward off illness and disease.

Over the years many seagoing people have also relied upon wrist tattoos, especially nautical star designs, to act as their guide and keep them safe until they arrive at their destination.

And in modern times many people use their wrist tattoo as a source of inspiration. When times are tough, one glimpse of their wrist design helps to carry them through their difficulties.

The most important thing is to find a wrist design that means something special to you and makes you feel better every time you see it.

But before you set your sights on a wrist tattoo there are a few important points to bear in mind.

First, it's important to consider the pain factor. Is a wrist tattoo painful? Traditional wisdom suggests that tattoos are more painful on areas where the skin is thinner and has less flesh to cushion the needle. So if your pain threshold is particularly low, it might be better to consider placing your tattoo on an area of your body that has more padding.

Therefore, many people who have had a tattoo placed on their wrist have stated that the discomfort is no greater than areas where the skin is thicker. But regardless of the pain aspect, wrist tattoos can take longer to heal because the area is more exposed. And for the same reason, wrist tattoos may need to be refurbished years into the future in order to maintain the general sharpness of the design.
Wrist Tattoos

Second, it's vital that you're 100% committed to your choice of wrist tattoo. According to various reports, 25% of people who have tattoos placed on their wrists regret the decision shortly after the design is completed. In comparison all tattoos, wherever placed, cause fewer regrets that wrist tattoos, with only 17% of people unhappy with the outcome. So it's extremely important to be 100% certain before you place a tattoo on one of your wrists.

And finally, during the 1950's and 60's before tattoos had achieved mainstream acceptance, wrist tattoos, especially those depicting stars, were closely identified with the gay and lesbian communities. And although times have changed and the old associations have almost disappeared, it's worth being aware of the history of these tattoos before you proceed with your design.

If you bear these things in mind you'll be able to find a meaningful and popular design that you'll be happy with for many years to come.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yakuza tattoo and the history

Yakuza tattoo and the history

Sexy japanese girl have Yakuza tattooWe will talk about Yakuza tattoo certainly not be separated from the long history of Yakuza, the Yakuza begins approximately in 1612, when the Shogun Tokugawa shogun in power and get rid of before. This turnover resulted in approximately 500,000 people who previously called samurai hatomo-yakko [shogun servants] becomes lost master, or referred to as the ronin.

The Tattoo on the whole body, it is a trade-mark of the Yakuza, as we know so far. Based on the survey, in 2005 and the number of members of the Yakuza in Japan, there are an estimated 86,300 people.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Joker Tattoo on your leg

Joker Tattoo on your leg
Joker Tattoo is tattoo from Batman's Movie, it is one character that important in this movie.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Estevan Oriol in Paris

Estevan Oriol from From Paris on Vimeo.

SuperHero Tattoo on your leg as Iron Man

SuperHero Tattoo on your leg as Iron Man

This design definitely not for the female fan group but I see a difficulty with even Men wearing this iron man tattoo. They’ll have to turn metro-sexual and get rid of their chest hair which would otherwise be a spoiler here. Tattoo as a form of  body art is being experimented with all the time. Cool Transformers Tattoo, the USB Port Tattoo and the Mario Luigi Tattoo are some of the geeky ones we featured earlier which look supremely groovy too

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Give a rose tattoo for Valentine's Day

Give a rose tattoo for Valentine's Day

One Valentine's Day a few years ago, we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate. My wife surprised me with a rose tattoo. Needless to say, it created a nice focal point during dinner.
rose tattoo

What are you going to do to say "I love you" to your special man on Valentine's Day? From my own experience, I can promise you he would like a rose from you. The one in this photo is from a sheet of roses and butterflies paper tattoos from Japan. These are premium quality temporary tattoos that look very realistic and last longer than traditional water slide tattoos. They're waterproof, last for days, and can be easily removed with baby oil. I've imported a large selection of these tattoos for over 20 years. You can see them all at

Sexy rose tattoo and dagger tattoos for Big Back Girls

Sexy rose tattoo and dagger tattoos for breast girls

Big Back With Red Rose Tattoo and Dagger Tattoo

The dagger through the heart is a classic piece of tattoo design that has withstood both the test of time and the whim of fashion. Like all enduring symbols, it is as relevant today as when it was first done, managing to successfully capture both our attention and our emotions. In many Christian-themed tattoos, it is a popular variation of the Catholic Sacred Heart of Mary, representing the grieving Mother of Christ, often called the Lady of Sorrows (“A sword shall pierce through thine own soul also,” said Simeon to her in the temple). In fact, the heart-with-dagger symbol has even migrated, along with Mary, into a very different religion – that of voodoo.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Koi Tattoo meanings and how to bend one you altogether deserve?

Koi Tattoo meanings and how to bend one you altogether deserve?

The choice for a koi fish tattoo makes a particularly stalwart personal statement, and the choices moment koi tattoo designs are flush screen diversity. Wisdom here to find out the koi tattoo meanings and Locus to excite one for inking.

The History of Koi fish tattoos
 The confabulation " koi " comes from the Japanese, plainly sense " cavil. " According to Both Japanese and Chinese legend, If a koi fish succeeded effect climbing the shower at a point called Dragon Gate on the Craven River bodily would symbolize transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, koi became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. Koi obtain been popular images throughout the history of Asian tattoo designs and now Koi is unqualified prevalent credit Western tattoo culture.

 The Koi Fish Tattoo meanings
 According to legend, the special heavy koi will epitomize able to swim problematic and leap the waterfalls, being rewarded at the point of the excursion by being rotten into a dragon. the koi climb the shower bravely, and if they are intent, they facade their grave on the cutting board bravely, congeneric samurai.

 The Koi has rangy been superior within the tattoo community owing to a symbol of Warmth and Strength... a symbol auspicious homage to a longish formidable journey towards a occasion Use.

 A koi connections the tattoo mask running sodden symbolizes courage and the potentiality to attain goals and to run over liveliness ' s difficulties. When the koi significance the tattoo is shown rolling backbreaking, intrinsic burden mean used to niggardly that the tattooee is still struggling hole up their hot water, thanks to a koi well-to-do downstream implies that the tattooee has going on defeated their difficulty.

 There are also other meanings associated with Koi tattoos,
 First, there is another word to describe " love " which is " koi ",
 " Koi " is a love for the opposite sex, or a longing feeling for a specific person. It can be described as " romantic love " or " passionate love ".

 Second, in the Buddhist Religion, the Koi fish represents courage. Humans ' swim ' through the ' ocean of suffering ' without fear, just like a fish swims through water.
 In general Koi tattoos are associated with Strength, love and courage.

 Where to Find Perfect Japanese dragon tattoo designs for Inking?
 Both Japanese and Chinese Tattoo artists have taken the art of koi tattoo to amazing new levels. Whether you want a half sleeve or a full back design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing designs to choose from. The koi tattoo can be white, black, red, yellow, blue, cream or grey and they may appear with running water and lotus.

 Finding the perfect tattoo design to adorn your body can be a time consuming and onerous task. The advent of the Internet has provided a GREAT way for people to find tattoo designs for inking. Traditionally, people have been limited to the selections they could find on the walls at their local tattoo parlor. Now these " walls of designs " are available online!

Rose tattoo designs and music notes tattoos for left lower back

Rose tattoo designs and music notes tattoos

Girly tattoos

Monday, February 1, 2010

Japanese Flower tattoo Style and Koi tattoo For Girls

Japanese Flower tattoo Style and Koi tattoo For Girls

 lotus flower tattoo and Koi tattoo

 lotus flower tattoo and Koi fish tattoo

Girls tattoos with her lotus flower tattoos and koi fish tattoo on shoulder blade

Lotus flower tattooing by using pink tattoo ink