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Hip Tattoo For Girls

Getting a hip tattoo is primarily a female tattoo. There are very few men who will get a tattoo here unless it is part of a much larger tattoo design that just happens to extend down to this area. So many of the common female tattoo designs can be used here. Anything from a fairy to an angel to a butterfly can all work well in the area. Often women also like to get more traditionally done hip tattoos in this area. Such as a skull and crossbones, a dragon or even a nautical star. However, due to the placement of the tattoo in such a sensual place it no longer looks to many but interestingly enough very sexy. The juxtaposition of a manly hip tattoo in such a feminine area often works really well. Another consideration is many people like to get symmetrical tattoos in this area and might design a tattoo that worked well on both sides. For example a angel and a devil can work well with one on each side of the hip. Whatever design you choose you will want something that is pretty small and not to large. Since the hip is a small area it will fit better if the tattoo is smaller and therefore you will want it to be not overly intricate either. If you get a really small tattoo that is very intricate you are headed for an ink spot in the future that can become indiscernible.

Hip Tattoo For Girls

Hip Tattoo For GirlsIf you’re going to get a hip tattoo then make sure that it’s the best design that you can get. After all, this is a pretty big decision. And the decision you make now will be with you for the rest of your life. So how should you decide what tattoo design to choose for your hip? Let me give you a few pointers so that you can end up with a hip tattoo as spectacular as the one in the picture. First, find a design that has meaning to you; your child’s name, a religious symbol, a design that inspires you. Maybe even a design that has significant symbolic meaning to you. This is your hip tattoo so you want it to be something unique and very special. Second, make some sketches. Even if you can’t draw very well, you can do a rough drawing or an outline of your idea and a good tattoo artist can turn it into a great tattoo. The last thing you need to do to make your hip tattoo a reality is find a good tattoo artist. Don’t skimp on this part of the process either. Talk to your friends, ask for references and ask to see examples of the artist work. If you follow these three steps you’ll end up with a hip tattoo that you can be proud of for many years to come.

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Sexy female tattoos

Sexy female tattoos
Tattoos of girls are a common subject matter for tattoos on men and women alike. These can be portraits of loved ones, famous personalities or even fictional characters. They appear in various stages of dress or undress, whichever the case may be. They also can be found anywhere the work will fit on skin.

Pin up girls

Pin-up girls are certainly a frequent subject for tattoo artists. Pin-up girls were voluptuous women whose faces and figures graced the covers and centerfolds of magazines and then were “pinned-up” on boys and even grown men’s walls. These were a frequent talking point in the gas stations and garages where they starred as Miss April or Miss December. These vintage pin-up girls are regularly given a place of honor on someone’s skin to be displayed as a permanent pin-up.
Sexy female tattoosSexy female tattoos
Goddesses are also a common subject for tattoos featuring pictures of girls. Whether they are ancient deities or they are still worshiped today, people have found many ways to incorporate them into tattoos. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, has found her way into many different tattoo designs. Mary, the mother of Jesus, while not being a goddess; is also a very common subject choice for tattoos. Even Eve, the first woman is depicted in many tattoos.

Tattoo girls tattoos

Sexy female tattoos
Sexy female tattoos There are quite a few people who actually take tattoos of girls, whether daughters or wives or girlfriends, into the tattoo studio to have them re-created on their skin for a permanent reminder. I have also seen an instance where a couple divorced and the man had his ex-wife tattooed on his arm with horns and glowing green eyes to remind him what a witch she was. He has never remarried so I assume the reminder worked!
These can be done in color or in shades of black and grey. Both of these styles can be used to create an uncanny likeness by a good artist. If this is what you wish to do, have a picture re-created on skin, be sure to ask to see previous portraits done by the artist. This is a very personal tattoo and you don’t want a stranger on your skin for eternity! 
There are several common places for pictures of tattoo girls. The upper arm is a common place for faces, the calf is a common location for a full body portrait, and the back is typically reserved for murals and multiple figures. This is not meant to imply that these are set in stone, a persons own individuality is displayed by the uniqueness of their skin art.

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best star tattoos ideas

best star tattoos ideas

If you are someone who feels a special attachment to the heavens, the moon, and the stars, you may feel that a star shaped tattoo design is perfect for you. The key is to find a star tattoo design that is really unique and is truly personalized for you. 

So, how do you do this? Well, here are some of the best star tattoos ideas to consider which will help to make the design your own and symbolize your true self. An eight pointed star, known as the cross of St. John, and also represents the emblem of the Knights of Malta, can be traced back to one of the most popular religious organizations during the crusades. You could opt for the seven pointed star as it has varied meanings and can represent different periods of life or feelings. 

If commonly represents a symbol for being a perfected man. But watch out, it can also represent your childhood, the whimsical or can be a fairy star. Think this star tattoo design over very carefully if the meaning is important to you. The tattoo stars in the picture are really impressive and I like the way the design travels up the leg from the foot to the calf. It’s very impressive and pretty.

best star tattoos ideas
Here are some more tattoo stars for us to check out. The difference here of course being that we also have the initial D among these stars. Obviously that initial is going to stand for the name of the person with the tattoo or a person very close to them. Most likely it is the name of this person and then it would make sense that this person thinks of themselves as some sort of undiscovered star, hence the initial with the stars. Sort of like saying so and so is a star, even if they are the only one that knows they are a star, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with considering ones self a star. In some way or another, at one time or another, almost every human being alive is a star to someone else. If you think about that you will see it to be true. And if someone is not then they are still very young or have wasted their life terribly. There’s not a whole lot of in between there.

These two little tattoo stars with the capital D next to them could simply mean the Star of David, which of course is the universal symbol for Judaism.



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Tatouage Maniac Tattoo

The Tatouage Maniac Tattoo a Saint of Maniac Tattoo Studio.Tattoo artist, Darrel Maniac is currently at Red Crown Tattoos on Ford Rd. in Garden City, MI.

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Tribal tiger tattoos

Tribal tiger tattoos

Tribal tiger tattoos
Tribal tiger tattoos can be an excellent way to combine your appreciation of tribal work and the symbolism of this magnificent cat. With so many kinds of types of cats and so many different styles of tribal work the possibilities are nearly endless.

Tiger tattoo designs

Tribal tiger tattoos
In Asia tattoos hold significance other than for appearances. Tattoos are said to be the link between the physical and spiritual bodies of a human being. Most people believe tattoos are an outward manifestation of the inner being; therefore the tiger is representative of a forceful nature equal only to the dragon. There are 5 tigers that rule the cosmic forces in Chinese lore.

Tiger tattoo

Tribal tiger tattoos
* The RED tiger is the symbol of the south, of summer and fire.
* The BLACK tiger is the symbol of the north, of winter and water.
* The BLUE tiger is the symbol of the east, of spring and vegetation.
* The WHITE tiger is the symbol of the west, of fall and all metals.
* The YELLOW tiger, the greatest of the 5 is the ruler of the Earth and everything on it.

There are also 5 different sub-species.
These could easily be incorporated into a very distinct, one of a kind tattoo steeped in symbolism.
Tribal tiger tattoos
One of the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac is the tiger. Those born in the year of the tiger are said to be colorful, unpredictable, powerful and passionate. The zodiac symbol done in tribal tattoo  style would make for an eye - catching conversation piece. This tattoo could practically be as small or large as you wish it to be as the zodiac symbol can be made smaller without losing too much picture quality.  
Tribal tiger tattoos
To create the tribal tiger tattoos one could begin by marrying traditional tribal work with traditional Japanese (In Asia, the tiger is the master of all big cats.), this would be a very colorful and detailed piece to show the best of both styles. The traditional Japanese work is done in vivid color and detail, while traditional tribal is single color; (typically dark, as the original tribal work was done with whatever suitable pigment could be found.) with varying degrees of detailed patterns.
These tattoos work very well with the cats natural black stripe pattern, making them re-creatable to an almost life-like degree. The amber/golden, almost molten color of the tiger-eye would be striking against an all black tribal piece. Putting a little extra effort and thought will give you a showpiece to enjoy and show off to others for a lifetime.

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Love/Hate Tattoo Edinburgh

Gallery Love/Hate Tattoo Edinburgh
Gallery Love/Hate Tattoo Edinburgh

Gallery Love/Hate Tattoo Edinburgh. Guest appearances from Miami Ink stars, Chris Garver, James Hamilton and Darren Brass.Mark Palmer would love to draw a completely unique custom Ambigram Tattoo Design just for you! Endless possibilites to express yourself.

Love/Hate Tattoo

Love/Hate Tattoo

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Cat Woman Tatttoo

Cat Woman Tatttoo
This cat tattoo design is free tattoo design is so exquisite - more like a statue looking really beautiful.

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Tribal lion tattoo design

The tribal lion tattoo is chosen by people who have placed a lot of time and thought into the design of their tattoo. With it being the king of beasts, it can and does represent many character traits. Some of them being:

tribal lion tattoo

Tattoo lion Leo

This is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. He is the Leo, the sign of the sun (26th July – 23rd Aug.). The astral symbols are very popular in tribal tattoo so it should be easy to combine these styles into some stunning tribal tattoos. While the typical colors for tribal work are dark, any colors can be chosen to add to the uniqueness of your piece.
This design also has a great religious significance, with Jesus being called “the Lion of Judah” and the tribe of Judah being symbolized by a lion. Even today the lion of Judah is on the emblem of Jerusalem. So it is not uncommon for people to express their spirituality through a combination of lions and tribal tattoo.
tribal lion tattoo
These tattoos can be single design with its mane being entirely tribal or multiple lions with their limbs or manes being the tribal design. Armbands Tattoo and sleeves tattoo or partial sleeves tattoo are the most popular locations for tribal work, with backs tattoo, calves and thighs coming close.
A tribal lion tattoo can also be designed as a memorial for a loved one.   Especially if your loved one was born under the sign of Leo or if this person had the same qualities attributed to the great beast. These can be practically as small or large as you want them, however with smaller patterns there is some distortion of animals and tribal work.  
tribal lion tattoo
Lion Tattoo are also seen as dream symbols as they were nocturnal hunters and walkers of the night. One idea to meld the tribal style with a lion would be to place a lion inside a dream catcher. With the right color choices this could be a very eye-catching design.
A little research will take you a long way towards getting the tattoo that is just what you are looking for. Don’t get discouraged on your search; every truly unique tattoo was born in a process from life event to application of the tattoo that immortalizes it. These can become permanent tributes to the major events of your life much like the tribes of old told the story of their lives on their skin.   

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Find Tattoo For Girls Style and ur body shape

blue butterflies tattoo
Tattoos for girls Ultimate Tattoo Collection
 For the first half century after tattooing became commonplace there were few tattoos for girls. In fact, except for the small handful of rebellious women, many girls got tattooed at all.
  But, all of that changed about twenty five years ago when tattooing became more socially acceptable, largely due to the many celebrities who publicly sported tattoos. Some of these were women, and so the girl tattoo became more common and acceptable. Nowadays you see a whole genre of tattoos for girls. I would say the list of the top tattoos for girls would have to include butterflies tattoo, fairies tattoo, stars tattoo, hearts tattoo, flowers tattoo, dolphins tattoo and fish tattoo. But other popular tattoos for girls are tribal tattoo, Celtic tattoo and Zodiac tattoo designs. And the prime location for these tattoos would be the wrist tattoo, leg tattoo, lower back tattoo and even the breast tattoo. The tattoo in the picture is a perfect example of a tattoo for girls. It features a butterfly tattoo that is done with plenty of color and shading. It’s placed on this women’s breast in just the perfect position to highlight both the design and the natural curvature of her breast. I bet if you put your mind into it you could also find a design that fits your style and body shape.

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Great Vendetta Tattoo

Great Vendetta Tattoo

This tattoo character in the Great Vendetta Tattoo is a mask of Guy Fawkes. There is this great movie: V for Vendetta, which is about a mysterious individual William Rookwood (Hugo Weaving) who wears a mask of Guy Fawkes to cover his face, and changes his name to only V. V's mission is to kill all the doctors who had tortured him at the detention center, and bring back justice to the country.

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So I heard from my good friend CES today that one of my favorite writers passed away today.
In loving memorys


In memory of DARE- TWS. TUC. LL. South Side Crew


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Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsOthers, for example, the dreamcatcher tattoo designs are harder to make because of the intricacies of the script however the The Om or Omkar and the trishula are easy to make because you only need broad lines to shape it. After this, you can finish the curves of the Sanskrit characters and complete the whole script. The Devanagari system of writing is highly structured with a horizontal line on top of the area where the Sanskrit characters would be tattooed.

Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsEasy To Get Beautiful Results Sanskrit tattoo designs whilst looking complicated and intricate are easy to make. All of these can be found in Hindu texts. For example, the Om symbol, the lotus flower or blossom image, the trishula and meditation and chant scripts. Sanskrit tattoo designs are created from scripts, words or symbols that are based on the Hindu religion.

That is why most of the Sanskrit tattoo designs use images and scripts of religious importance. Because of being the standard language used for Hindu and other old religions, it also became associated with its beliefs and spirituality. Its reputation earned it recognition alongside the Latin language and Greek language of Europe. It is the oldest among the ancient languages. The Sanskrit language has been dated as origionating around 1500 BC.

a Sanskrit Script tattoo's are a spiritual link to the past. This is the reason why they are also called permanent bracelets or armbands. The Devanagari Sanskrit is perfect for emulating bracelets and anklets because of the etched style of writing. There are other writing systems such as Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam but Devanagari is the one which is widely accepted.

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsThe defacto writing system for Sanskrit is Devanagari. Because of this the scripts look very sleek and have a defined edge so make perfect armband tattoos. Sanskrit words or scripts look very organized because of the horizontal line joining each character. They Make Great Armband Tattoos Despite the popularity of other more tribal tattoo designs, armband tattoos are very striking if made with Sanskrit script. But why choose Sanskrit tattoo designs?. There is literally an endless supply of tattoo designs to choose from.