Friday, January 15, 2010

Henna Tattoo Kit

Henna Tattoo Kit

This kit comes with wonderful, easy-to-use stencils that include feminine, flowery armbands, tribal symbols, little butterflies and circular symbolic suns. These designs have something for everyone, but you can always make your own design with the henna, which is pretty easy to do with the metal applicator.

Henna Tattoo KitEarth Henna Body Painting Kit contains 1 cone of henna powder, Earth Henna solution, eucalyptus oil, applicator squeeze bottle, screw-on applicator tip, 15 reusable stencils, cotton swabs and toothpicks.

Henna Tattoo KitMy henna lasted very long, though it did fade eventually. My recommendation would be to put your henna somewhere you can easily cover up, because when it starts getting lighter it can look from far away like you have some sort of rare skin disease or something.

Make sure you do research about what henna is, because if you think this is just a temporary tattoo kit, you're wrong. It has much more depth than that, plus you'll be disappointed if you're a fan of the bright, trashy biker tattoos you see at bars - because the ink here is a traditional brownish red.

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